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If you are Leading a lifestyle which deprive you from active sex hours, Then you need to stop and have a look at Some realistic Erotic toys . By Rusticating or postponing desires , Their is no doubt you are missing the spice of life. To make your sex life more active,  sex toy In Hyderabad has brought you a bunch of bombshell through its tremendous collection of sex toys.

What is their for you in Sex Toy ?

Sextoyjunction is loyal towards ensuring complete pleasure to its customers. So be it men or women, gay or lesbian. One can now get ready to go wild in excitement with some advance sex toys and gadgets from the store. The range offered here includes everything that will now give females the satisfaction to blend their genitals while men can take deep satisfaction in improving their erection. As per the report of local news reporter, 47%  men’s of Telangana state mostly like cock ring, small masturbation doll, flesh light and chocolate condom, where as 35% of women like to use dildo vibrator, Breast enlarger pump and men masturbation doll for them. So on the basis of above stat sex toy in Hyderabad decided to give some innovative look out on sex toys.

Sex Toy For Married Couple

Get rid from old skill of making sex as this mini love roller will bring a new dimension to your sex life. Coming straight from the basic series, it would give you the dominance of keeping you in the best of comfort. For being made of silicone  fibers and PVC, this Mini Love Roller is just too good and long lasting. What shape it best from the rest is its minimal maintenance that keeps you away from regular cleaning. This mini love roller from the basic series brings you colors like Red, Black, Green, Cream and Purple.

Another sex toy to make couples go wow is sexy love pillow, an formidable  piece of furniture develop for couples to make sex. Whether you want to do anal play, foreplay, doggy style or even a solo, you can enjoy initiating all types of sexual  acts on it. Strong and Powerful the love pillow from the elite series will keep you safe and bond. Since it is made of velvet and silicone type material, it will cause any skin displeasure for the users. Also, you will be able to choose from colors like Red, Yellow, Brown, Lime and Green.

PVC Sex chair for couple

If you want more and still need to explore then this Inflatable PVC bondage sex chair is something you are going to desire having in your bedroom. Just make your partner sit in the most sexy manner and it will take seconds to leave you orgasmic. Since you have any oubliette furniture in your bed room and you are running out of space, then this inflatable bondage chair will just be ideal for you. Compact in size, it is no doubt a worthy piece of sex furniture with four restraints for tying down your lover. Make sure you wipe it well before the performance starts.

Male Sex Toys

Relation Lover – Automatic Stimulation Pleasure Machine

Male enjoyment is now going to be at its summit with this automatic stimulation pleasure machine that consists of five different functions of rotation. It has a best silicone quality of internal sleeve that spins, twists and rotates with absolute satisfaction. This fully electronic machine will make your tonic moments quite unusual due to its five speed rotation patterns. As the inner is made of silicone slushy  rubber, it stays soft around your penis.

Male Inflatable Pump Magic Realistic Stocker 

Men will have massive pleasure with this male inflatable pump magic realistic stroker that is made of  high quality imported  silicone, ABS and non-toxic material. Bouncy in nature, it has been manufacture to stimulate your private parts and make men completely orgasmic. Slushy to touch, it has an ultra-soft mouth that would change your penis like anything. With every push, it would bring you the naughtiest of desires you had always wanted inside your bedroom. Its pneumatic valve design gives it a disparate feel to the male private parts altogether.

Young City Virgin Cup

Sex toy in Hyderabad presence this awesome male stroker to your collection of sex toys and make your lonely hours as thrilling as before.  Visualize  those dull solo sessions you had where there used to be no pleasure. But with this sex toy, you are going to have an amazing time. With a realistic feel, it has been designed to exite the male private parts. As a result, it feels quite pleasurable on the private part that make women orgasmic. With its vibrating function, it would make In fact, it would special for men who are going to try male stroker for the first time. Made of non-toxic material, it is safe and has dimensions are 185 x 70 mm.

Sex Toy for Women

Artificial Virginity Hymen

If you desire to fake virginity without letting your partner know about it, try this feigned hymen. Because It is suitable for the woman who with broken hymen put feigned hymen into the vagina. It will inflate when there will be hot secretion and thereafter will envelop the pussy. Since The penis breaks the layer, and the hem chrome with the secretion lay on the penis and genitalia . It looks like the really blood very much. The out come will be better if the woman bluff feel pain and shy. It is dark red translucence film that dissolves into the secretion and do not flyblow clothes.

Wire Less C- String Vibrating The restricted vibrating underwear for your wife or girl friend.The invincible sex satisfaction that any female should own and wear. Get this sexy –pornographic underwear and ask her to wear it tonight over dinner. As you having scooch , activate the string with the remote control. Women strapless underwear c string with remote controlled vibration. Her vagina is in your hands now. Multi speed excite , So that vibrations will go through her body. Your partner will light up like a ball of fire in your arms. See her eyes go sexy. Make dinner out, a sensation and a half. At work. Give your partner  the string and ask her to