BAILE Breast Enhancer Massager Vacuum Pump

4,063.00 3,412.00

BAILE Breast Enhancer Massager Vacuum Pump

4,063.00 3,412.00

BAILE Breast Enhancer Massager Vacuum Pump


Plump Breast Massager has a surprising function that make your breast larger and strong. This nipple pump is made of medical non-toxic material.


According to women’s physiology principle, this massager vibrators can enhance the sport for your breast to boost blood circulation, In this way, it can stimulate the ovary to produce female harmonies to enlarge your breast. If your breast is small and not so upright, Plump Breast Toy will be your best choice. When sexy products is in use, it also can arouse your sexual desire to meet your sexual demands.


How to use it? Please clean it before use, you can use it after massaging your breast for two minutes. Plump Breast Toy on your breast to regulate Sex Breast Cup Pump. It will be better for you to use it each day.


The apparatus for personal use should pay attention to hygiene before and after use; jacket not so easy to dirt and ink; utensils into the box, place the original location of each collection should be good for the next use.



Powerful suction action for a new sensation

Super suction design

2 pliable comfortable breast cups

Made of medical non-toxic material

Measure from the 5.91-inch size and 4.33-inch length

In pretty color with White

Made from metal for quality feel and style

One size fits most

Pump cups have 11.5cm /4.5inches inner diameter,13cm /5.1 inches diameter, 12cm /4.7 inches deep.



Condition: Brand-new

Brand: BAILE®

Model: BI-014091

Style: Plump Breast Enhancer

Function: Pump stimulation, Breast enhancement

Noise index: Low noise vibrating

Material: Medical non-toxic materials

Color: Same as the picture

Length: 12cm /4.7 inches

Diameter: 13cm /5.1 inches

UPC: 799975358574

Batteries: 3 AA(not included)

Gender: Female

Quantity: 1 Piece


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