Viga 50000 Strong Delay Spray For Men

2,500.00 2,100.00

Viga 50000 Strong Delay Spray For Men

2,500.00 2,100.00


Viga 50000 Extra Strong Men’s Delay Spray With Vitamin E

  • VIGA 50000 Extra strong its spray with vitamin E nourishes and activates the cells.
  • This new spray contains natural vitamin E which is a very easily absorbed local application that stimulates the cells and increases the cell’s energy stores.
  • VIGA 50000 Extra strong is Delay Spray to prevent early pouring and prolongation sexual intercourse
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow because the change in the sexual relations time can become different with delay spray today
  • The quantity in the bottle is frugal and worthwhile
  • Its can be for many terms of use
  • 75% of the man suffering from premature ejaculation
  • The use in delay spray  will allow and provide for the user prolongation extended time in sexual intercourse
  • The couple will enjoy longer pleasure and more satisfaction.
  • 100 % Original

Instructions for use

  • Put few sprays around the head of the penis 20 minutes before intercourse
  • After 15 minutes or a few minutes before the sexual relations go over the penis with fragrant cloth
  • In principle start with few spray, if it’s not effective enough you can put more till you will find your individual quantity


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